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Rusan only element for the eyepiece of the scope for modular adapter for Leica Calonox Sight

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Only element equipped with fixing lever to be threaded onto the objective lens of the scope to be coupled to the Calonox Sight. Bayonet coupling with locking and unlocking mechanism to which the other part of the adapter (the ring that screws onto the eyepiece of the Calonox Sight) is attached.

Several elements can be purchased for each optic you intend to pair with the Calonox Sight, while you only need to purchase one ring to screw onto the eyepiece of the viewer.

Rusan has produced a two-piece modular adapter, which offers three advantages over the standard one piece adapter. 

  1. One can use the Calonox Sight to observe with the Rusan ring mounted, to be ready to quickly attach it to the scope, enjoying the entire field of view perfectly. If you do the same with the one-piece rusan adapter mounted on the Calonox the thickness of the adapter tube makes observing less smooth. 
  2. The transition from observation to pointing of the Calonox Sight is very quick. Just slip the Calonox with the Rusan ring into the correct position (indicated by the white arrows on the ring and on the other part of the adapter mounted on the scope) and turn the lock ring less than a quarter turn. 2 seconds. 
  3. The Calonox already engages perfectly aligned with the scope. This is the less intuitive but more important advantage over using the one piece adapter. With the latter, in fact, it is necessary to make sure that the Calonox is centered with respect to the scope's line of sight, otherwise the scope's reticle itself will appear rotated to the right or left. The obligatory engagement position of the ring on the rest of the adapter makes it possible to perfectly center the part to be attached to the scope before the exit, and thus be certain that when you go to engage the Calonox Sight it will immediately be perfectly centered. Another important time saver, especially at night.


The Rusan modular adapter consists of two parts: a ring that screws onto the eyepiece of the Calonox Sight and can remain screwed onto the eyepiece even while observing, and the rest of the adapter that slips on and attaches to the scope lens, closing the appropriate toggle with your finger once the adapter is at the end of its travel, making sure to center it with the white arrow on the 12 o’clock position relative to the scope lens.

To use the Calonox for observing, the Rusan ring screwed onto the eyepiece certainly does not offer the comfort of the soft Leica rubber eyecup, but compared to the one-piece adapter it allows the eye to be kept at the optimum distance from the lens.

Attaching the Calonox to the optics with the modular adapter is lightning fast. 

The white arrow on the Rusan ring that screws onto the Calonox eyepiece indicates where to insert it to correspond with the white arrow on the Rusan tube mounted on the optics lens, then simply rotate the sliding lock and bayonet ring on the eyepiece ring less then a quarter turn.

The added advantage of this adapter is that the ring (with the Calonox) have a forced engagement position, which ensures that the Calonox is positioned perfectly on axis with the line of sight, avoiding further adjustment to get the reticle perfectly on axis with the Calonox screen. 

Click here for the link to Rusan's video on how the modular adapter works.

Before purchasing, consult the table to choose the right adapter for your optics (See PDF)

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