Where are the knives taken from?

Maserin knives are made in Italy at the Maserin Cutlery in Maniago. EKA knives have been produced for 140 years in Sweden. 

Only knives of other brands imported by Coltellerie Maserin are not made in Italy. An example of such knives is the new Summit Gear Viscera 2021, which is produced abroad. Some cheaper models are produced abroad and branded Maserin.

Is the warranty valid on all knives?

Yes, the warranty is valid on knives produced directly by Maserin Cutlery and EKA also on all knives that Maserin imports from other countries.

How can I tell the quality of the blade?

Each knife model has a different steel type blade with different hardness. The hardness of the blades is classified according to the Rockwell scale (HRC). For example, the Maserin CROZ has a blade made of N690 steel, hardness 60 HRC, one of the best in the world, with high carbon content and a hardness that allows it to operate well without losing its edge.

How does the right of return work?

Return is a guaranteed right especially when you shop online. You must send a formal notice stating your intention to return the items you purchased. You have 14 days from the time you receive the product or when you placed the order to set in motion the withdrawal and return procedures. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. Obviously we will be very sorry if you want to return a knife and we would like to know why so we can solve the problem. Please contact us online or by e-mail so that you can explain your reason well.

Do you provide replacement parts?

Yes, if you lose a screw or something small that can be replaced, we can send it to you. Although we recommend that you send the knife to us for a review, as we use professional tools and you could not have the same result at home.

If the knife has a defect, can I have the product replaced? 

Yes, if you notice a defect right away, please contact us and we will solve your problem. 

Where are Rusan adapters produced?

Rusan adapters are manufactured in Croatia and have been selected for their reliability.