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Rusan modular adapter for Leica Calonox Sight

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**The modular adapter requires the ring for Calonox Sight and Sight SE that you find at this link**


The Rusan modular adapter consists of TWO PARTS: a ring that screws into the eyepiece of the Calonox Sight (TO BE PURCHASE SEPARATELY) and that can remain screwed into the eyepiece even during observation, and the other part of the adapter that slips on and fixes on the telescope objective , closing the special lever with your finger once the adapter is at the end of its travel, making sure to center it with the white arrow at 12 o'clock with respect to the telescope objective.

To use the Calonox to observe, the Rusan ring screwed onto the eyepiece (TO PURCHASE SEPARATELY) certainly does not offer the comfort of the soft Leica rubber eyecup, but compared to the one-piece adapter it allows you to keep the eye at the optimal distance from the lens.

To purchase the COMPLETE MODULAR ADAPTER it is necessary to purchase two separate parts: ONLY RING+MODULAR ADAPTER.

The coupling of the Calonox on the scope with the modular adapter is very fast.

The white arrow on the Rusan ring that screws into the Calonox eyepiece indicates where to insert it in correspondence with the white arrow on the Rusan tube mounted on the scope objective, so just turn the sliding locking ring by less than a quarter turn (lock) and bayonet on the eyepiece ring.

The further advantage of this adapter is that the ring (with the Calonox) has an obligatory coupling position, which ensures the positioning of the Calonox perfectly in axis with the line of sight, avoiding further adjustments to have the reticle perfectly in axis with the the Calonox screen.

Click here for the Rusan video link on how the modular adapter works.

Before buying, consult the table to choose the right adapter for your optics (See PDF)

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Francesco Alcini
Ottimo negozio

Sempre puntuali efficienti e gentili!

Manzo Federico

Adattatore modulare Rusan (senza anello) per Leica Calonox Sight e Sight SE

Gianmarco Gatti

Adattatore modulare Rusan (senza anello) per Leica Calonox Sight e Sight SE

silvio ginanni
Adattatori rusan

Disponibilità e competenza.

Paolo Marcenaro
Acquisto adattatore rusan

Leica conferma come sempre di essere un leader in campo ottico

Adapter ring

Rusan modular ring for Leica Calonox Sight eyepiece required for using the adapter.

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