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Rusan one piece adapter for Leica Calonox Sight

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One piece adapter that allows the Calonox Sight to be coupled to any pointing optic on the market. One side screws onto the eyepiece thread of the Calonox Sight, and the other slides onto the optic's objective lens and then manually locks it in place with the side lever.

We are talking about adapter for the Calonox Sight as it is perhaps the best clip-on thermal viewer on the market, also and above all because it allows you to observe with quality and comfort as a strictly observation viewer, while being designed to be a perfect clip-on to apply. to the rifle scope.

When you are in night surveillance activities, it is very convenient to be able to observe the animals with the Calonox Sight, and then apply it if necessary to the objective of the rifle scope at the time of shooting.

To switch to aiming mode, simply unscrew the eyepiece shell and screw the adapter in its place to apply the Calonox to the telescope objective, any telescope of any brand, an operation that is easily done even in the dark. The adapter slips onto the lens and is fixed simply by closing its fixing lever with a finger.

Before purchasing, consult the table to choose the right adapter for your optics (See PDF)

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Luca Catani
Pessima consegna

Consiglio di sostituire il corriere per le spedizioni la mia da Verona a Imola ha impiegato una settimana! Spero consegna prevista lunedì ordine del martedì precedente

Vladi Ferrozzi
Adattatore Rusan Leica Calonox Sight

L'ordine è stato evaso in tempi rapidissimi così come la consegna.

Federico Ricotti

Velocissimi e super professionali, grazie per l’omaggio

Adapter ring

Rusan modular ring for Leica Calonox Sight eyepiece required for using the adapter.

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