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Rusan adapter for Leica Calonox Sight, Liemke Luchs-1 and Nitehog Viper

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We are talking about adapter for the Calonox Sight as it is perhaps the best clip-on thermal viewer on the market, also and above all because it allows you to observe with quality and comfort as a strictly observation viewer, while being designed to be a perfect clip-on to apply. to the rifle scope. When you are in night surveillance activities, it is very convenient to be able to observe the animals with the Calonox Sight, and then apply it if necessary to the objective of the rifle scope at the time of shooting. To switch to aiming mode, simply unscrew the eyepiece shell and screw the adapter in its place to apply the Calonox to the telescope objective, any telescope of any brand, an operation that is easily done even in the dark. The adapter slips onto the lens and is fixed simply by closing its fixing lever with a finger. The large keys in the center of the upper part of the Calonox then allow you to position the instrument well centered with respect to the telescope (a necessary condition to see the telescope reticle with the cross perfectly straight), simply with the tactile sensation of having them aligned with the telescope itself. . The only extra precaution required before aiming is to press the menu button and deactivate the handheld function which is activated instead to enlarge the screen if you want to observe. An operation that, if tried a few times to get used to it, takes about 5 seconds away. The Rusan adapter is made of metal, produced with diameter dimensions that vary by 1mm from one model to another, in order to ensure perfect compatibility with any rifle scope. The quality of the materials and workmanship lead to an adapter that guarantees a granite, very precise and extremely stable whole of the Calonox associated with the telescope. Several tests of dozens of shots were made, including removing and reinserting the Calonox with the adapter on the telescope objective, without the point of impact changing by more than 1 cm at 100 meters.i.

Before purchasing, consult the table to choose the right adapter for your optics (See PDF)