Leica Sport Optics and Forest Italia have been partners since 2012.

Forest Italia represents the world-leading German brand of high-quality optics in Italy in every aspect, from day-to-day relations with customers and retailers to service.

Strengthened by the passion with which we develop our technical skills in the field as demanding users, we collaborate with Leica Headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany, in defining new products and commercial and communication policies.

We are proud to be one of the most important markets in the world for Leica in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. The in-depth technical articles we write on our blog www.cacciapalla.com are constantly translated and used by Leica colleagues in different parts of the world.

For our company, the customer is all that matters: we are completely available by phone and email for technical questions, advice and curiosity. We personally check every Leica product that comes to us to be revised or repaired, before sending it to Leica Customer Care.

In agreement with Leica, we send the simplest spare parts for free by courier to the customer's home.