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DICEROS design by Davide Bormben and Maxwell Di Pierro

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Lama: D2 steel (stonewashed finish) 137 mm
Lunghezza Aperto: 290 mm
Peso: 412 gr
Manico: orange or black G10
Fodero: Nylon
Garanzia: 2 years
Accessori: Diamond sharpener and flexible wire hacksaw.

African instinct

The new Diceros is a utility, rescue and camping knife with a Tanto single edge fixed blade with Stoned Washed finish, designed and born to cut, pummel, spread, split, rough work in all the toughest conditions.

Fixed-blade knife with a strong character.

A total of 29cm long, it features a 137mm long and 6mm thick blade made of D2 steel. The handle is made of G10, available in black, gray, or high-visibility orange. There is a glass breaker on the bottom of the handle, equipped with a slot for a possible correctable.

The new Diceros comes with a black belt sheath made of Nylon, a diamond sharpener and a survival wire saw. The low weight - just 412 grams - makes this knife especially easy to handle even in the most difficult situations.

DICEROS is a project created from the collaboration between Davide Bomben, Maxwell DI Pierro and Maserin and is dedicated to three brave men who gave their lives for wildlife conservation.

In fact, the initials K.R.L. engraved on the blade commemorate Kobus de Marais, Rory Young and Luca Vercesi.

Kobus de Marais - an anti-poaching operator specializing in K9 - died in February 2021, attacked by a lion while on the trail of poachers in Pilanesberg Park itself, the same park were the first 15 kives sold went.

Rory Young - anti-poaching instructor - was killed in Burkina Faso in April 2021 along with two Spanish journalists by militants from Nusrat al-Islam, a local jihadist group affiliated with Al-Quaeda. 

Luca Vercesi - an emergency medicine trainer for rangers in Namibia on behalf of the PPA Poaching Prevention Academy - recently passed away after a long illness. 

DICEROS is a super solid knife that cuts, strikes, divides, splits. It enables massive work without the slightest sag.

This knife is used by African rangers engaged in the difficult task of combating poaching and defending biodiversity. 

Purchasing the DICEROS will help the rangers of Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa to whom a knife will be donated. You can truly make a difference.