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Summit Gear model Viscera 2021

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Lama: AISI 400 steel 78mm
Lunghezza Aperto: 175 mm
Peso: 94 gr
Manico: Black nylon and orange non-slip rubber
Fodero: Leather
Garanzia: 24 months

The most complete knife for eviscerating ungulates

The ungulate hunting knife most appreciated by thousands of hunters returns, which has broken all sales records in recent years. Summit Gear model Viscera 2021 is a double rotating blade that on one side is a blade, on the other a saw with a skinner at the tip.

Designed according to the guidelines of professional American hunters, Summit Gear leaves nothing to chance. Safety is guaranteed by the non-slip materials of the handle, by the generous guard and by the deep knurling of the initial part of the back of both blades. All the rest are ingenious subtleties to help the job. The tip of the 95mm AISI 440 stainless steel blade has a curve on the back to favor the perfect support of the thumb and allow you to work with maximum sensitivity. The saw has a double row of teeth, extremely robust. The skinner on the top of the saw is at the optimum distance from the handle to work best inside the carcass and on the skin. The protection of the skinner prevents the meat from being damaged in any way. The handle is perfectly ergonomic and is built in nylon and non-slip rubber, with orange inserts that facilitate the search for the knife especially at night.

It is equipped with a nylon sheath and is imported into Italy by Coltellerie Maserin exclusively for Forest Italia.

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Giorgio Belluomo
Coltello Starlight

Rev.: Coltello bello e costruito bene anche se non affilatissimo. Sito ben organizzato e di facile navigazione, customer service efficiente (ha dimostrato disponibilità ad eventuale ulteriore affilatura)

Gentile Giorgio, grazie per la sua bella recensione. Come da nostri accordi, se dovesse aver bisogno di un'ulteriore affilatura siamo a disposizione. Grazie. A presto!