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Maserin “BOARS THAT PASSION” mod. 977

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Lama: Aisi 440c Hrc 57/58 mm 5 (214mm)
Lunghezza Aperto: 335 mm
Peso: 418 g
Manico: orange G10
Fodero: Leather
Garanzia: 24 months

The best knives for boarmen

Here are the official knives of the Facebook Group"Cinghiali che Passione", created by Maserin in collaboration with the Group with the aim of obtaining the best knives for belt makers, combining high quality materials with excellence in workmanship, aesthetics, ease of use and absolute safety.

The steel is Aisi 440c Hrc 57/58 of mm 5 with a high carbon content for high cutting performance and durability of the wire. The"Cinghiali che Passione"logo is engraved on the blade. The handle is in orange non-slip G10 resin. The G10 is a light and resistant material, obtained from fiberglass and resins pressed at very high pressure and high temperature. 100% made in Italy in Maniago The sheath is in synthetic material.