Who we are


For more than 10 years we have been a close-knit team of hunters. We enthusiastically take to the field every product Leica creates for the most demanding users, with the expertise that only a lading company of more then 100 years can have. We test every product we sell, so we can guarantee the best possible service, we know every model because we use it almost daily.  For us the customer is a colleague of passion, it is natural that we want to give the best advice possible. We also do other things in life, and if we get to know each other, it will be a pleasure to tell you about us and learn more about you.


Francesco Corrà | Administrator and co-founder, hunter, mostly in the mountains for over 30 years. Passionate about fishing, mushrooms, photography, every thrill the forest gives. The customer for him, is the only important thing. 
Tatiana Chiavegato
Tatiana Chiavegato | Co-founder, hunter especially of sedentary game and curious to always discover new wonders of nature. Communication and marketing are the main part of her work.
Ilaria Di Maria | Clients and colleagues know her for her helpfulness, competence, and the speed with which she can respond to every request for information and support.
Alessio Ragazzo
Alessio Ragazzo | A Tuscan hunter of ball and shot, with the dog and on the high ground, of wood pigeon and roe deer, and wild boar in every way allowed, he is sales manager for central Italy and beyond. He always generously offers his much appreciated help in communicating with customers, and giving the company insights to improve products, services and initiatives.
Matteo Martinoglio | A Piedmontese hunter of all things you can hunt for food, in addition to enjoying the good food the produces, he is sales manager for much of northern Italy, and enriches the implementation of all our communication activities with his valuable technical input.