Personalized engraving

Make your knife unique with personalized engraving.

Forest Italia in collaboration with the Maserin Cutlery offer a personalized service of engraving the blade or the wooden handle. Your initials or your association or team logo can be engraved. 

We can make and engraving on the blade or handle. Simple logos, if in vector, and initials can be engraved. Engraving is free, you decide what you want to engrave. The only constraint is space. It is not advisable to do more than one engraving due to space issues, but it is possible to study a custom design together. It will be our pleasure to know your requirements and meet them to the best of our ability.

The engraving is done with laser technology.

They are machines that work with fiber lasers, this means that the focal diameter of the laser engraver is very small for greater precision and with a very high intensity and depth. The result thus obtained is permanent and extremely long-lasting.

Custom engraving on the blade or handle is a customization service that takes about 15 business days from the time your order is placed. This is because the knife must be machined and then inspected. If you choose "with engraving" during your order process we will know that we need to proceed with a customization. You can specify your request during the order process by describing exactly the engraving you want to make, or send us an email, call us, or even more conveniently, write to us on the online chat.

All knives can be engraved , with the exception of some models that have a particularly machined blade or handle. 

The cost of engraving depends on the type of request and will be agreed upon in advance between parties. 

Your engraving is done in this way: 

  • We remove the knife from its original packaging;
  • We engrave the blade of wood and place the knife back in its original packaging;
  • Only for some particular models de we have to open a sealed box.

Contact us to arrange your engraving.

For any questions or information the Service Department is at your disposal.